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/ เกี่ยวกับวิธีการ - en route

เกี่ยวกับวิธีการ - en route

by plane from Germany to Bangkok.

at Bangkok railway station Hua Lamphong, took the night train heading south. I highly recommend buying a 3rd class ticket. all windows and doors are open. hang your head outside in the warm wind, listen to the rumbling slow train and smell the earth, the air, the food from the markets you are passing. in the last waggon you can stare at the tracks, leaving behind, for hours. it's not comfortable. I couldn't sleep the hole night, but it's been a wonderful journey!

out of the train in Surat Thani in the morning. drank the worst coffee ever there at the station. walking and hitch-hiking 300km to Phuket. met wonderful thai people on the way, who took us with them. trying to learn some thai and to teach some german. found a wonderful lonely beach in the middle of nowhere. arrived comletely exhausted in Phuket.

took the ferry to Koh Phi Phi. finally arrived there with a little detour.

from Koh Phi Phi with the ferry to Koh Lanta.

from Koh Lanta with a minibus to Krabi Town.

from Krabi Town with the scooter to Ao Nang. by longtailboat to Railay Beach. back the same way, but too late. missed the bus.

next day with local bus from Krabi Town to Surat Thani. with another bus to the railway station.

took the nighttrain back to Bangkok. 3rd class - of course!

still time for a short trip with a local bus to chinatown in Bangkok. got a blessing and a sai sin (holy bracelet) from a monk.

back to the airport and home to Germany.

two weeks and three days altogether, but far to short!

on my way
first sunrise in Thailand - pic out of the open window of the night train from Bangkok to Surat Thani
Mark, smoking & watching the sunrise
track meditation
train with fan
street food
first beach in the middle of nowhere after a long walk - paradise!
Mark peeling mangos at the beach
rain once again
Surat Thani market
local bus from Surat Thani town to the bus station
unbelievable sky, while wating for the nighttrain back to Bangkok
burning sky
waiting with us
good night
good morning
laundry from 1st class
loved the local bus in Bangkok - the difficulty is to find the right one
on my way
on my way